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What Happened To Account Management And Customer Success In Dealer Financing?

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The dealer financing industry has moved away from dealer-centric policies. Knowing that independent dealers have limited options on financing partners, companies tend to optimize for revenue.

Account representatives are now a layer removed from dealers and operators and direct access for questions on floor plans requires a lot of effort. With something as complicated and critical as floor plan financing, dealer customer support is needed for managing vehicle finances.

At Lever Auto  we believe dealer financing should always be grounded in human interaction. Starting from our application process through upgrading financing plans, your Lever Auto  customer success representative is always accessible and aligned to your business objectives.


Most dealer financing plans include fees and penalties policies to keep dealers in compliance. This creates a lot of friction between lenders and dealers. While risk management is required for lenders, how they approach penalties can vary. Most dealer financing companies are quick to penalize dealers for every infraction or risk-triggering action. Lever Auto believes in proactive strategies and corrective action plans for dealers that are out of compliance. Our customer success team will have open conversations with their dealers once they need helps or support.


Although audits are needed for securing floor plan loans, Lever Auto believes it’s an opportunity for your customer success lead to get to know you, your team, and your business. That’s why auditing is always led by your account and customer support team, so you have direct access for any questions or concerns during the process.

We have also gone to great lengths to make this a dealer-friendly process and offer a digital and on-site audit approach that makes auditing more streamlined for all stakeholders. All of the servicing offered in our dealer financing plans are covered during our onboarding step. We don’t like fine print or keeping anyone in the dark!


Along with hiring team members that have a genuine interest in dealers’ success,  Lever Auto’s business model ensures business objectives are aligned. Lever Auto’s  business model is centered around flat monthly rates which incentives the team to help dealers sell as many cars as they can. Our customer success team knows that if we don’t offer the help and technology for dealers to grow, they’ll continue to use per-unit financing plans. By aligning objectives, dealers and operators should have the confidence that Lever Auto is, and always will be, dealer centric.

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